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08 March, 2024

Happy International Women's Day at AKL!

a photo with the faces of all women at AKL

Unfortunately, according to the UN there is an alarming lack of financing with a staggering USD 360 billion annual deficit in spending on gender-equality measures. Under this perspective, today, more than ever, it’s crucial to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women around the world, keeping in mind that it's essential to reflect on the challenges they still face in the workplace.

That’s why we asked the incredible women of our company about the biggest obstacles they encounter and how we can overcome them. Their insights are not only eye-opening but also inspire us to drive positive change.

Here are their answers: 


The biggest challenge for a woman in the workplace is getting her male colleagues, supervisors or clients to take her serious. No matter how many accomplishments we have achieved, it is always more difficult for women to be trusted and given a significant opportunity for something important. I don't think this is something that is dealt with in a certain "magical" way. We need to change the mindset of the whole society to eliminate this phenomenon.


Women (especially those under age 35), being in the same room with a man under similar qualifications and years of experience, need to make more effort to prove themselves. People tend to put more trust in men at a working level, at the stage of first impression.


In the contemporary workplace, one of the foremost challenges facing women is navigating the interpretation of their behavior. Attributes typically praised in male colleagues, like assertiveness and adept negotiation skills, can be unfairly viewed in a negative light when exhibited by women. Instead of being perceived as strengths, these traits are sometimes misinterpreted as impudence or discomfort, placing women at a disadvantage. To overcome this challenge, we must promote and establish female leadership within the workplace.


The impact of family life on career prospects. It can only be changed by a holistic approach to gender relations/obligations.


Balancing work and family responsibilities can be challenging for women, especially those in demanding careers. Creating a culture that values work-life balance can help women feel more supported in managing their responsibilities both at work and at home.


One of the challenges women face in the workplace is that they have to try harder than men to prove their competence in their field. The key for overcoming the difficulty is equality of opportunities.


The biggest challenges women are facing in the workplace today include gender discrimination and limited access to leadership roles. To enact change, organizations must prioritize diversity, implement mentorship programs, and actively address unconscious bias within their structures.


Some of the biggest challenges that women are facing today in the workplace include gender bias, lack of representation in leadership roles, unequal pay, and balancing work and family responsibilities. Overcoming these challenges requires implementing policies that promote diversity and inclusion, as well as fostering a culture of support and empowerment so that women can thrive in the workplace.


Women in law sector encounter daily obstacles like gender bias, not only from the employers’ side, but from the clients’, too, and unequal opportunities, so we are constantly called upon to establish our status. We have a long way towards actual equality that every man and woman shall practically defend in their everyday lives.


The main challenges for women in the workplace are gender discrimination and lack of representation in leadership roles. To overcome these, organizations should implement inclusive policies providing equal opportunities for career advancement.




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