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04 July, 2024

World Environment Day: This Planet is Our Home

Image with good practices and team awareness inside AKL

Scientific research has shown that since June 2023, global heat records have been shattered month after month. The climate crisis is no longer a distant threat—it's here, now, with soaring temperatures and increasingly severe extreme weather events.

On June 5th, we celebrated World Environment Day and at AKL, we believe it is our responsibility to educate and raise awareness among our team about crucial environmental issues and the importance of preservation. To this end, we organized an educational event in collaboration with we4all, a global non-profit environmental and humanitarian organization founded in 2018, following the devastating wildfires in Mati, Greece. 

We4all focuses on three main areas of action:

  • Tree-Planting and Reforestation: Initiatives around the globe to restore and protect our forests.
  • Environmental Education: Teaching young children in schools about the importance of caring for our planet.
  • Inclusive Environmental Actions: Engaging vulnerable social groups in meaningful environmental activities, fostering solidarity and inclusion.

During we4all's insightful presentation, we delved into the do's and don'ts of recycling and discovered best practices we can adopt to contribute to a healthier environment. 

Let's remember: by taking small, individual steps, we can collectively make a significant impact. Together, we can contribute to the greater good and help preserve our home for future generations.



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