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24 February, 2023

Today’s environmental draft bill (impatiently) awaiting your comments

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Just in! Earlier today, an important draft bill was presented for public consultation by the Ministry for the Environment and Energy. The draft bill, entitled “Provisions on renewable resources and the protection of the natural and urban environment”, seeks to introduce interesting amendments across an array of environment-related frameworks including energy (arts. 3-56), quarrying and mining (arts. 57-62), environmental protection (arts. 63-110), spatial and urban planning (arts. 111-137) and waste products (arts. 138-142).

Our Real-Estate team would like to draw your attention to the following prospective developments, indicatively:

Chapter on environmental protection

  • The concepts of protected zones within conservation areas are detached from those of general land uses found in urban-planning legislation (art. 68).
  • The mandatory content and the criteria for the drafting of a Special Environmental Assessment for conservation areas are amended and further specified (art. 69).

Chapter on urban planning

  • The issue of the road characterization as a buildability condition is addressed, through a provision authorizing Special Urban Plans (including an ESCHASE for Strategic Investments) to determine a common-use road through the relevant presidential decree (art. 120).
  • It is clarified that the functional unification of plots in non-urban areas is not forbidden in principle, subject to the general or special conditions set out for each area (art. 122).
  • The validity of the pre-approvals of building permits is extended from one (1) to two (2) years (art. 125).

The draft bill will be available for commenting by stakeholders and the general public only until 28.02.2023 at 10.00 a.m. You may - hurriedly - access the public consultation here:




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