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26 April, 2021

Electronic access to over 120 Cadastral Offices in Greece – A true game changer

The newly enacted Joint Ministerial Decision no. 11206 ΕΞ 2021 (Government Gazette Β’ 1539/15.04.2021) introduces the possibility of performing a title review by electronic means at 121 Cadastral Offices in Greece (some of them in Athens). Lawyers, among other professionals (such as notaries, bailiffs, engineers) are entitled access and research the cadastral records and diagrams, as well as any notarial deed or court decision depicted in the cadastral records of any real estate property registered with these 121 Cadastral Offices. Furthermore, any owner of a registrable right is also entitled to access electronically the information registered with respect to the property of the said right.For a -small, for the time being- number of Cadastral Offices it is even possible to order certificates online and register notarial deeds.


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