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09 April, 2024

Breaking Myths: Making a Difference with Bloode and Choose Life

AKL awareness day for bloode donation and bone marrow donation

At AKL, we believe in more than just legal expertise; we're committed to making a positive impcat on our community. Last Friday, we had the privilege of hosting awareness sessions by two remarkable organizations:Bloode and Choose Life!

Bloode: You didn’t hear it from us, but Greece is not doing great in terms of blood donations and its needs in blood are not covered by regularly active donors. Bloode’s presentation shed light on the critical importance of blood donation and the profound impact it can have on saving lives. We learned how a simple act of donating blood can be a lifeline for those in need.

Choose Life: Choose Life aims to increase Bone Marrow Donor base, to fund research on new and promising treatments and to support patients who suffer from leukemia. Chairman and Founder Mari Evgenidou-Loi enlightened us on the significance of bone marrow donation and explained the process. Mythbuster alert: thanks to medical advancement, donating bone marrow is like donating blood, simple and painless! The reality is that saving lives through bone marrow donation is within reach for everyone.

Taking ActionAKL is organizing an open blood donation at the Childrens’ Hospital “Agia Sophia” on Thursday and Friday 12 and 13/4. Please join us at the hospital and let us offer you delicious treats right after at AKL! AKL members and staff participated in the bone marrow compatibility testing. It was a humbling experience to potentially be a match for someone in need and the whole experience reaffirmed the power of solidarity and compassion. 

Join UsLet's continue to spread awareness and support initiatives like Bloode and Choose Life. Together, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most. Whether through blood donation or bone marrow compatibility testing, every contribution counts.


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